This article will help you to know how to install & update drivers for your Windows 7. Here we also discuss the issue that you want to fix or get better PC performance.

We know Window 7 is an Operating system also it is better than other operating systems, It means it is user-friendly anyone can use it easily and also find the bugs easily and quickly fix it.

There are many problems occurred in Windows 7 so our Windows 7 Customer Care Helpline is here to assist you in different issues like Older programs not compatible, Windows Aero themes not working and sometimes Windows 7 seems slow. Here, I am going to tell you how to fix these types of problems and also how to fix the issues of the driver in Windows 7.

In Windows 7, there are two ways by which you can update the drivers:

Manually & Automatically

The manual way to update drivers:

1. Via Device Manager drivers updated manually. Given steps help you.

2. Go to your desktop, press and hold start button, after that right-click Computer then click Manage. After continuing these steps Device Manager will open.

3. Then, click on Device Manager.

4. Now double-click the device name that you want to update and select Update Driver Software

Then, you got two option In which you have to click Browse my Computer for driver  software.

After that, you have to find the location of the downloaded data file. Where click on the down triangle button then select the open file location, after that you got the location of the downloaded driver file. Then you can copy and paste location address into the box.

5. After, these all steps click next to install the driver.

Automatic way to update drivers:

If you want to update your drivers but, you have minimum time then you can update your drivers automatically with Driver Easy Pro. Driver Easy Pro gives you a platform by clicking your mouse two times to update all drivers.

 1. When the driver runs easily click Scan Now to detect problems in drivers.

 2. Then, click on update Update All to download and install the correct version of all drivers automatically.

These type of problems are generally occurring in Windows 7 Customer Support Helpline at the time updating of drivers.    With the help of these techniques that this article contains you can easily update your drivers. If you want to know more easy steps regarding updation of the driver's contact Windows 7 Support team.

If you have any issue with windows 7, then you can simply contact Windows 7 Customer Support